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Memories create our past, present and our future and define us for what we are. To cherish and to share these precious moments means to share a part of us - and to be remebered as who we are, have been or could be.

Our individual newspapers, magazines and books will provide you, your family, friends or guests the platform to cherish these moments and to be able to get a deeper feeling about who you are. Stories and photos from family or friends will also capture the personality, character and passion of the person or persons to celebrate. They will serve as a memento of your big day as well as entertainment, conversation openers, 'do you remember when' stories and evoked memories. They will help some guests get to know you better, and provide a cherished remembrance for those that know you best!

It is also a wonderful way to preserve the emotions of the moment, and to get relatives and friends invloved by gathering new and cherished information about the couple or person to celebrate. It is a beautiful way to immerse everyone invloved even before and during the celebration.

These papers make a wonderful gift for parents, family, and guests, or a very special surprise gift for a bride & groom, a couple celebrating their anniversary, a graduate, for grandparents, a widow and many others more...

They can be the keepsakes of childhood memories, of friendship, grandma's fairy tales & good night songs. They can include maps of travels, recipes from Aunt Hettie or fishermen stories from Grandpa Jack. All these memories and cherished moments will be preserved in a special custom designed paper adapted to the clients style and event. What an unique keepsake of memories to have and to pass on to family, friends and future generations !

All of our newspapers and magazines are customized and specially created and designed by a professional Graphic Designer for each client. They are not templates filled in with your information, but especially created for you.
The design of each papers will enhance and accentuate the style and atmosphere of each respective event and will consider the wishes of the individual client.

Every newspaper or magazine is absolutely unique due to the fact of incorporating the decoration, style, atmosphere and venue information into the design, as well as all the private pictures and individual stories.


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This individual newspaper will be an unique, personalized keepsake which will make your celebration memorable and the memories about you unforgettable.


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