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Sheet with four pages





EverPaper .... Newspaper specifications

Newspapers can have from 4 to 64 pages and the page count must be a multiple of 4.

The newspapers pages:
Size 289 mm × 380 mm = 11.37 inch x 14.96 inch
Spread size 578 mm x 380 mm = 22.75 inch x 14.96 inch

What is a page:
a sheet is one single sheet of paper of
578 mm × 380 mm = 22.75 inch x 14.96 inch
with four pages on it.
Two pages on the front, tow pages on the back.
When you fold it in the middle you have the spread in the inside which has two pages side by side, and on the outside is the front page and the back page side by side.

To give yourself an idea of a 12 page newspaper, get any old newspaper lying around and take out all but three sheets.

You can see that page 1 is the front cover, and page 12 the back cover. Pages 6 and 7 are the center spread – that's the only spread that's printed on the same piece of paper, so pictures can run across both pages without any breaks.

You can have any multiple of 4, from 4 to 64 pages.
If in doubt, 12 pages is a good number. (3 sheets)
It is thick enough to feel chunky, but not so thick that it's too hard to fill with content.

Paper Types: 55 gsm newsprint

Print: Digital Color B/W



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