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EverPaper .... and how it works

Start early to collect photographs and stories and remember to order your newspaper or magazine early to ensure that your paper will get delivered on time.
To ensure that you, your family and/or friends have enough time to collect pictures and write stories you should consider to order your newspaper or magazine at least three months prior to the final delivery date.

After receiving your order, we will get in touch with you and let you know what kind of information we need from you, and how many stories and pictures are needed to be able to fill the amount of pages you ordered. Stories and pictures can be send by email, or regular mail. If you or your family and friends can't scan your pictures as JPG's and send them by email, we will ask you to send us your photos and we will be able to scan your prints in our studio.

We also will consult with you about the style and format of your event, to be able to create a matching style for your newspaper or magazine. It is possible that we may also ask for pictures, details or sample websites of decorations or venues in order to understand the feeling and atmosphere you would like to create.

After receiving all stories, pictures and information we will process your photos, design your paper or magazine, create a PDF and send it to you by email, or provide it online for you. At that point you will be able to check on any possible errors or mistakes. We will correct the highlighted errors and resend a new PDF of the corrected version for your approval.

Once you have approved your newspaper or magazine they will be send to the printer, printed and promptly delivered to you via mail. Depending on the time and capacity of the printer it might take two - three weeks after your approval for the papers to arrive at your home or the specified shipping address. If you provide a delivery address outside of the U.S. they might need a prolonged shipping time depending on the respective distance.


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Please keep in mind that your family and friends surely will need some time to collect, scan pictures and write stories ! It is therefore essential to order at least three months ahead of the desired delivery time.



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